What is PoshCoin?

PoshCoin is a native cryptocurrency token that is also a well-known and dependable e-commerce trading platform that helps both new and experienced traders find profitable opportunities in the turbulent cryptocurrency market. The PoshCoin cryptocurrency and the indigenous marketplace it comes with provide the users with the best and safest options possible to engage in the trade of cannabis.

PoshCoin has enabled all of this to be accessible on a single platform. A system that is extremely fast, with many trading tools, is complex yet easy to use, efficient using time-saving alternatives, and has a quick adoption rate for crypto enthusiasts to shift to this modern cannabis-based cryptocurrency effortlessly. The platform has everything you need.

In addition, PoshCoin serves to be a safe pathway for users to buy and trade cannabis and cannabis-related products in a legally approved manner. Users do not have to worry about the legal implications of buying cannabis anymore because PoshCoin enables them to procure the plant legally for both medical and recreational purposes.







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PoshCoin is not a standalone cryptocurrency, rather we have created an ecosystem that is all-inclusive and serves multiple purposes.


Posh Market

A proficient marketplace that has been designed and developed in tandem with the PoshCoin cryptocurrency. PoshMarket helps users find the right kind of cannabis products according to their preferences and buy them using PoshCoin within the marketplace effortlessly.

The marketplace has been designed carefully with all the legal and legislative requirements, therefore it is completely safe for users to buy and trade cannabis using PoshMarket.


Posh Exchange

A decentralized exchange platform for your cannabis cryptocurrency. PoshExchange allows users to exchange their cryptocurrency and double their profit margin without having to find a viable exchange platform.

Instead of taking PoshCoins to a third-party exchange platform, you can do it all right here using PoshExchange, which is safe, simple, and secure. This provides high levels of convenience to all users.


Posh Games

An immersive Play2Earn gaming experience provided by the PoshCoin ecosystem. Catching up with the growing trend of Play2Earn games in the NFT space, we have developed some of the most engaging and rewarding games in the cannabisverse.

Users do not have to go elsewhere looking to invest their PoshCoins, we have it all right within our ecosystem. Go to any of our PoshGames and start earning profitable returns on your PoshCoins.


Posh NFT

NFTs are highly profitable in nature and provide the best returns on investments. This is true even if you own just a fraction of an NFT. PoshNFTs are the next-gen NFTs that can be used in Play2Earn games. Users can use PoshNFTS to engage themselves in such profitable NFT games and earn more than what they could even imagine.


Posh Wallet

No other app or technological tool can provide the convenience an eWallet can provide, especially if you are going to make numerous transactions with high payouts. The same is true with cryptocurrency.

PoshWallet is a highly secure and encrypted crypto wallet that is designed to execute any number of transactions at high speeds without compromising the trustworthiness of the transactions.

Token Structure & Token Allocation

An extensive analysis of PoshCoin's token structure and distribution, along with all the pertinent details that any crypto trader needs to be aware of.





Token Information


November 4, 2022

Private Sale

Coming Soon

Public Sale

November 21, 2022

Funds Allocation


Token Distribution

1% Transaction

Transactional gas fee refund to the user

4% Collabrations

Funds used for business partnership

4% Research

R&D for new product & services

5% Founders

Shares given to the founders

7% Marketings

Used for Social media Collaborations, SEO, Paid Marketing

8% Airdrop

Fund used for Customer acquisition

8% Product Development

Funds used for product development(PoshMarket, NFT Games, Exchange)

8% Pre-Sale

Funds used to kick-start the project

10% Staking

Funds used for APY

12% Rewards

NFT games rewards

33% Public Sale

Funds used for CEX and DEX listing

Road Map

Here is a comprehensive understanding of the development process of PoshCoin – from inception to launch.

November 04, 2022

Launch of Presale

One-of-a-kind soft launch, but for the digital currency. PoshCoin’s presale will begin with a prior registered limited number of people.

November 21, 2022

Launch of Public sale

The full-fledged sale of the new cryptocurrency will begin. The sale will be on a large scale and open to all.

October 01, 2022

Launch of PoshMarket

The launch of the marketplace for PoshCoin, marking the beginning of the exciting journey of PoshCoin.

November 14, 2022

Launch of PoshExchange

The exchange platform will be launched so that the users will be first equipped to trade their cryptocurrencies once it is launched.

November 30, 2022

Launch of PoshWallet

Make way for seamless, quick, and thorough transactions of your cryptocurrencies with PoshWallet – a secure and encrypted crypto wallet.

December 15, 2022

Launch of PoshNFT

The launch of PoshNFT. This will help the users leverage the cryptocurrency and invest in rewarding and in-demand NFTs.

January 30, 2023

Launch of Play2Earn

The engaging and highly rewarding Play2Earn PoshGames will go on sale. Yet another diversified investment option for users.


Our Community

PoshCoin has always strived to reach out to a community of crypto enthusiasts and experts. And we have been extremely successful at building a strong crypto community on all major social media handles.

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Dig into our vast archives of FAQs to have a clearer understanding of our product.

PoshCoin is a modern, highly advanced, and utilitarian cryptocurrency that has been designed and developed specifically to solve the legal implications and other controversial problems that exist in the cannabis industry through its decentralized and secure blockchain technology. Also, PoshCoin is a cryptocurrency that can be used in the purchase and trade of NFTs, participation in Play2Earn NFT games, invest in NFTs, and other crypto-based activities.

PoshCoin is a cannabis-based cryptocurrency, therefore, you can use the cryptocurrency for all services related to the user of cannabis such as medicine, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), production of cannabis extracts, recreational purposes, buying and trading NFTs, play NFT games, invest in NFTs, etc.

There are plenty of reasons for you to buy PoshCoin due to its varied application in the real-world market. However, one of the primary reasons that we would mention is the importance of cannabis in the medicine industry, especially in the treatment of cancer, which has increased the demand for cannabis and cannabis extracts to an all-time high and PoshCoin provides a safe and legal way of purchasing the controversial plant.

With the algorithms they have created, PoshCoin is currently able to profit from significant financial instruments like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange rates, gold prices, equity indices, and commodities futures – all of which are traded on top 10 top tier exchanges worldwide.

PoshCoin is available on most of the renowned exchange platforms including PancakeSwap. You can buy PoshCoin just by connecting your wallet into any of the top exchange platforms, predominantly PancakeSwap. In addition, you can buy PoshCoin on our own exchange platform.

Cryptocurrency is an incredibly vast industry and there are hundreds of thousands of coins available in the market. While a majority of the coins are aimed at general use, which is most likely on the verge of saturation, PoshCoin is an industry-specific coin. Specifically, PoshCoin is a cannabis-industry-specific coin, which has and will never witness a regression.

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